The Inspired Work Inside Stuhrling, Akribos and Invicta Watches

Noteworthy watch brands from Stuhrling and Invicta to Nixon and Akribos are noteworthy not just because of the precious metals and flashy styles of their time pieces. Before the specific model make of a Stuhrling Emperor or an Invicta Subaqua watch even comes into play there is the dutiful and well managed engineering of each and every watch these companies make. The internal mechanisms that allow a watch to run have been a skilled and respectful passion for many over the last few centuries. Telling time and building the small machinery responsible for telling time is the sort of specific skill that many of us will never truly understand but we all can find rather impressive.

Becoming a watch engineer seems like such a specific job to most of us that you wonder what exactly leads a man or woman into the work. Chances are they began breaking things apart and rebuilding them at an early age. The exploration of how things work starts the journey towards becoming both a person who fixes things and a person who builds things. Many of us had friends or siblings whom at a very early age started breaking apart things for the general benefit of intellectual curiosity. For many of us this is borderline unfathomable. Why would anyone go through the trouble of breaking apart and rebuilding a toaster oven or stereo equipment. For many of us if it works there is no reason to explore further.

As a future watch builder chances are at some point that curiosity was peaked in a special way in the direction of time pieces. For many the very inventiveness and inspired quality of watch engineering is the drive. The implicit connection to watch makers of the past and the fact that the general makeup of a time piece has hardly changed over the many decades that they have been built makes them into an almost romantic but still mechanical object. For other watch enthusiasts turned watch makers simple exposure to the perfect Stuhrling watch at a young age can have you feeling a hunger to better understand what is going on inside of that watch.

Skilled manufacturing seems to be a slowly dying industry and yet it is as important today in watch making as it was when watches were first built. In that way it remains one of the purest forms of work. Each watch worthy of intricate work on a tiny scale that has to be done in such a specific way as to make it into an ornate obsession. This is what goes into all of the men’s Michael Kors watches and all the Nixon watches for women on the market, as well as every time piece in between. is your source for designer timepieces, including Invicta Subaqua, Stuhrling, and Akribos watches. Whether you’re looking for an Invicta womens watch or a mens Stuhrling watch, we’ve got you covered.

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