The Simple Guide For Giving Flowers As Newlyweds

By Hunter Mulhern

As soon as you get married, people expect a lot more of you in terms of your social graces and etiquette. One of the important things to learn is what occasions warrant giving flowers. Presenting a floral gift at the right time can help you build relationships with others and show that you care about them. There are several occasions on which flowers are expected and a few things to know about presenting a gift on each occasion.

Flowers for Wife-

Husbands, give your wife flowers on your wedding anniversary every year. You should also consider giving her flowers on your one-month, three-month, and six-month anniversaries as well during the first year. Also, don’t forget to give her flowers on Valentine’s Day, her birthday and for surprises whenever you feel like she needs a little encouragement. Red roses are always a safe bet, but also consider her favorite colors and the types of flowers she likes.

Get Well and Sympathy Flowers-

When someone you know is sick, this is a good flower giving occasion. Take an arrangement in a vase to the hospital if you’re visiting someone there. You can also give sympathy flowers to friends when their loved ones pass away. In this situation, a mixed bouquet wrapped in plastic and delivered to the home is a great gift.

Hostess Gifts-

After you get married, you’ll get lots of invitations to go over to people’s homes for dinner. When you do, flower giving is never frowned upon. All it takes is a great bouquet or arrangement that will look good on a table and making sure it’s easy to put in a vase is important. Seasonal flowers are great for hostess gifts because they’re reasonably priced and are likely to be fresh so they’ll last a while.

Mother’s Day Gifts-

One of the best way to get in your mother-in-law’s good graces is to give her a great Mother’s Day gift the first year you’re married. If you’ll be seeing her in person, pick out a bouquet, arrange it in a nice vase, and present it to her with a card when you see her that day. Otherwise, choose a bouquet to have delivered to her from you. Make sure to let her know how much you appreciate having her as your mother!

As a newlywed, there are lots of things to think about, and giving flowers is just one of them. Don’t get too stressed out if you miss an occasion, because people understand that you’re just learning!

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