The Suitcase To Your Simple Destination Beach Wedding

From hiring a photographer to picking out the cake to finding the perfect dress to selecting a caterer, planning a wedding can seem like a never-ending process. When you throw a simple beach wedding ceremony into the picture, you have to consider all of the variables. And this even includes what you will pack on your way to the beach.

The last thing you want is to head off to the wedding and honeymoon without packing an essential piece to the trip. Every bride and groom is going to have a specific checklist for what to include in the suitcase prior to heading off to paradise. And checking the list a couple of times can help you avoid forgetting the most important ingredient.

The great thing about most people’s simple beach wedding is that it is more casual and laid back thus eliminating the chance of a dress or tuxedo getting ruined on the plane. But if you are wearing a formal wedding dress, be sure to carry it with you to avoid risking it getting lost. Most airlines have coat closets that travelers can use to hang garment bags. And the same goes for the groom.

The next item on the list is all original documents like birth certificates, divorce papers, social security cards and the likes. All of these items should be carried in your hand bag as well rather than checking it in your luggage.

For the bride-to-be, makeup and hairstyling items are essential. While they do not necessarily need to be carried on with you, make sure to pack what you want in your bag. In addition, be sure to check the electrical currents and plugs at the beach wedding destination prior to assuming. Converters and other necessities may need to be brought with you.

It is important to have an idea of exactly what kind of a beach wedding you will be planning before you pack. Keep in mind that a tropical wedding will include high temperatures and humidity. Therefore, pack light clothing that is comfortable and relaxing.

Shoes are another area that will need to be discussed before flying out. Are you going to keep it fun with flip-flops, or even go barefoot? Or are you going to stay traditional and have formalwear with dress shoes and high heels?

From there you will want to pack the little items that are just as important as the biggest item of all. Having a guest book on-hand is convenient so you know exactly who has arrived and who you may need to drop a phone call to. Address books, thank you cards and special decorations are also encouraged.

The wedding rings and wedding paperwork wrap up the list to go over when packing for your wedding. These are the most important pieces of the puzzle making it more than necessary to check two or three times before heading off to paradise.

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