Three Great Family Room Decorating Ideas

By Christine George

The family room is one of the most important rooms in many homes. As our lives gradually become busier, our children get older, and schedules get harder to arrange so that they give us enough time together, we struggle to make sure that time spent together is quality time. If your family room décor leaves a lot to be desired or if you are looking for family room decorating ideas that are both fun and functional, here are three ideas to help you get started on the right foot.

Decorating Idea #1- Hanging Stained Glass Panels Can Be Fun

When you think of stained glass panels, you likely think of windows or even churches. Yet hanging stained glass panels can be a great fit for your family room. You will find that they are quite beautiful from a decorative standpoint whether you choose animals, plants, or even unique geometric patterns. Yet hanging stained glass panels can also be a lot of fun to watch when hung near a window or light source. They can provide endless entertainment for babies and small children, while also adding a sense of life and joy to a room during family time.

Decorating Idea #2- Functional Classic Board Games

Chess, checkers, and Mahjong are considered to be classic games, yet they are just as fun for today’s generations as they were centuries ago. A beautiful decorative board game can top the list of family room decorating ideas if you are looking to incorporate a decorative element that is as functional as it is stylish!

Decorating Idea #3- Soft Furnishings Are Perfect!

Whether family time typically involves quiet relaxation around the television or hyperactive board games and kids that just can’t sit still, the right furniture is important. Soft furnishings such as tapestry cushions and beanbag chairs are a great fit in the family room, offering comfortable seating for games and movies while preventing injury in the event that your kids fall or take part in an impromptu wrestling match. If you want great family room decorating ideas for families with younger kids, this one definitely tops the list!

No matter what the makeup of your family or what the exact function of your family room, décor is important. Hanging stained glass panels give a fun and unique aesthetic, while soft furniture keeps everyone safe and comfy. Spending time together as a family is always a meaningful experience, and the right family room décor can help make that time more fun.

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