Travel Packing Tips

By Themis Smirneos

Although going on vacation is fun and exciting, having to pack for it is anything but. There are many things you can you do to make packing for your next vacation a breeze. By implementing some of these suggestions next time you are traveling, it will make packing a lot easier and hassle free.

Shoes can take up a lot of space so really consider how many pairs your will actually need and use during the course of your travel. Your selection of shoes is dependent on what activities your participate in, so consider what you will be doing when choosing which shoes to pack.

Placing small items in zippered compartments is a good idea because it cuts down on clutter in the main compartment of your suitcase, but also keeps the items all in one place making them easier to locate as needed. Another consideration would be to place these small items in plastic zip bags to keep them from getting lost.

Rolling thin articles of clothing allows for efficient use of space, and can prevent heavy fold lines that can happen when flat folding. When rolling shirts you should fold the sleeves towards the center before rolling. Also start to roll the garment starting at the bottom edge.

Zipping your garments before packing can make them easier to fold in an efficient manner, and also keeps them neat by preventing unnecessary wrinkles. Preventing heavy creases on clothing in advance can save you time on making clothing look presentable once your arrive at your destination.

Packing a purse that can be compressed can cut down on wasted space because it allows all of the space inside the purse to be used, but also allows for the purse to be pressed down to fit into smaller areas than a more solid purse would.

The number of pairs of jeans is really dependent on what you will be doing during your travels and the weather as well. Jeans can be versatile, but if you’re going to attend more formal events like those surrounding a wedding or business meetings you may not need jeans at all.

It’s important to bring what items you need while traveling, but take the time to think about what you are packing and whether or not your will actually use it. It doesn’t do any good to pack unnecessary items, especially those items that will only take up space without being used.

When actually packing the bag your should put flat folded articles of clothing towards the center of the back and then pack the rolled garments to fill in around the edges. Smaller items can be put in zip bags and placed in the zippered compartments of the luggage.

When packing for travel it is important to pay attention to what will be needed and what will not. Do not make an emotional decision on an item, such as providing too many options for shoes or accessories. Take the time to pack carefully and you will have everything you need, but none of the extra expenses of packing too much.

When packing for a trip you need the right kind of luggage with max storage space and limited hassles

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