Using Image Guards

There is a lot of talk on blogs and forums about how to keep your printed photographs and documents looking good months, even years after printing. Some of the suggestions are to not hang the photos in direct sunlight or to print on professional photo paper. There are tips for matte paper, inkjet glossy paper, and even luster photo paper. But after time, even these tips and tricks will stop working and the image will fade or change color. This is not the case if you use something like an image protecting spray after you’ve printed your project.

Protective coating sprays come in cans like spray paint but they aren’t used to graffiti walls. In fact, even if you tried to spray it on a wall it wouldn’t do much. Because the elastic coating sprays on clear and dries clear you probably wouldn’t really be able to tell anyway. However, when you spray it on photo quality paper it really makes a difference.

With this type of spray you can hang your photographs and documents wherever you want, even in sunlit areas of your home. It will increase the fade resistance of photographs by 100% so you don’t have to worry about having blank space on your walls. It can also eliminate the bronzing effect that many aging photographs have. Since it dries completely clear you don’t have to worry about it changing the look and feel of your document or picture.

This product is kind of like a spray on lamination. It will protect the image from dirt, scratches, rips, fingerprints, and even moisture. It dries fast and doesn’t have a strong odor so you can apply this anywhere in your home without problems. Simply spray on a clean, even coat over the entire sheet of inkjet photo paper. It won’t crack or peel off so you can apply it to almost anything! Try it on old documents like marriage certificates and diplomas or try to help save old photographs from your grandparents’ wedding.

An added benefit is that this spray not only adds a protective barrier against UV rays but it also makes the image water resistant! I don’t suggest submerging your photographs underwater, but this may be a great idea for outdoor signage and banners for a business or a party. You can also use it on adhesive vinyl that marks your address on your porch or front door. It’s definitely a good tool to have in your pocket if you plan on printing projects that are meant to last a long time.

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