Ways Of Making Your Bridal Shower Memorable

A bridal shower isn’t complete without entertainment and laughter. Games for bridal showers keep everybody entertained, plus they make the occasion more memorable for the bride-to-be and her friends. Aside from showering the new bride with gifts, guests are likewise keeping her entertained even for a couple of hours, so that her last days as a single woman fun and memorable.

The person charged with the task of organizing this event need to select games and incorporate them into the program. Some want to set a few hours just for socialization and bonding, while others fill the event with fun games to play.

Chitchat and gossip are ideal for best friends who have kept in touch for many years already, or perhaps those who share a past such as they grew up in the same neighborhood. Guests can share their deepest darkets secrets such as some facts about their hot crush or their dreams. To make it intriguing, the organizer, who may or may not be the bride-to-be, prepares questions that are given to the guests on their arrival. They do not have to be direct questions so that all guests have a chance at answering, thereby making it more fun, as they try to get the secret out from their friends. For example, the questions can be about the love life of any of the common friends.

2 Truths And 1 Lie is excellent for guests who do not know one another well. There are numerous ways of playing such as using the same to introduce the guests or to show the guests’ relationship with the couple. For instance, a guest introduces herself and mentions a lie and two truthful facts about a certain subject matter, and the other guests have to identify their falsity.

Decorating a cupcake can be fun as guests outdo each other to finish the task before the set time runs out. Each guest is presented with a cupcake and a piping bag. Then, the host gives the theme, and the clock.

Rather than having the usual pot luck, the guests can assist in the preparations. Each guest may be asked to come up with a recipe and prepare something to share with the rest. Thereafter, the guests may share the ingredients and cooking tips with the bride.

Place an item of clothing inside a bag. It can be anything like a shower cap or a panty hose. The guests should pass the bag around as the music is playing, and once the music stops, the person holding the bag should put on whatever she gets from the bag.

To make your bridal shower games a success, it is important to consider the age, beliefs as well as the relations among the invitees. This is due to the fact that some ideas might cause some guests to be uncomfortable. As an illustration, having the bride put on a nightie with a message about what she should do on the wedding night could be exciting for her friends, but a little misplaced for her older relatives.

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