Wedding Photography Tells A Story

Wedding photography tells a love story that is filled with romance, fun and excitement.

Every wedding is unique. It seems like there is an endless list of arrangements to make. Picking out the perfect wedding dress, veil and shoes is exciting. A couple selects colors, corsages, flowers and decorations. A guest list is drawn up. Invitations are sent out. Locations are considered. Lodging arrangements are made. Entertainment is booked. The cake is ordered, food is ordered and everyone hopes nothing was forgotten.

Weddings take place throughout the year. Every season is beautiful as well as challenging. Weddings take place inside or outdoors. A professional photographer is prepared for rain, wind, snow and sunshine. Photographers capture the day from sunrise to well into the night. Natural lighting effects the quality of a photograph. Before the wedding, the photographer scouts the location and perhaps takes photos of assistants. The practice photos ensure that the actual shots of the couple will be pleasing.

Weddings bring out a wide range of emotions in everyone. It’s a significant day not only for the bride and groom but also for parents and friends. Intimate moments are shared. The emotions are honest. Children are spontaneous. A professional photographer has the skill to transfer those moments onto film. The photographer stops time and preserves memories.

The task for capturing this important occasion takes planning. It helps when the couple thinks the day through before it occurs. Communicating the aspects that are important to them allows the photographer to be alert to those moments. A photographer uses equipment and moves around. A photographer may use flash for extra light. Proper planning eliminates disruptions.

A professional photographer will know how to work with backgrounds and lighting. Photographs are not all taken from the same height. Shots are taken from a low point, high point or side for interest. Backgrounds and lighting contribute to the quality of both formal and informal shots. Lighting makes shadows look harsh or soft. Shadows make the image look sharp and well defined or blended into the background.

Whether a wedding is large or small, a check list is useful, especially for family shots. It helps when family and friends are nearby for the formal photographs. Rounding people up can take time and diminish a festive mood.

Small details create exceptional photos. Close-ups of the wedding rings, shoes and flowers add an extra dimension to a photo album.

People at weddings are nervous, and unexpected things do happen. A wedding ring can’t be found or a downpour drenches everyone. These moments create a unique wedding day. Photographs capture these irreplaceable moments.

Weddings take place on a moment’s notice or are planned out in detail well before the occasion. Either way, a professional wedding photographer is prepared to capture events that will not happen again.

The anticipation of seeing the photographs extends the excitement of the actual wedding day. Everyone wants to see them. The wedding photos are shared and appreciated over and over again. Professional wedding photography captures moments that are rare and precious.

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