What Are The 10 Primary Premarital Counseling Concerns?

By George Kleban

When you are planning to go on premarital counseling and filling out a premarital counseling questionnaire, you will see the number of subjects the counselor will bring up to allow you to decide on your relationship. A premarital counseling question allows you to to discuss a particular topic between you and the person you are to marry, so that you can know exactly where each of you stand on a topic. Listed below are the leading premarital counseling topics and concerns come up in counseling and that you will discuss.

1.) What are your expectations of marriage?
This can reveal a lot about you and your partners ideals of marriage and what each other expects. Many people are often surprised by the answers there partners give for this question. You want to know before you get married what your partner feels about marriage in general and what you can expect during your married life.

2.) What are your life goals?
In order to share in each other’s life, you need to know what each other’s dreams and goals are and what they want to accomplish in life. A premarital counseling question about each other’s goals and dreams can help you bring out your future plans.

3.) Why do you want to marry them?
What is it about the other person that makes you want to marry them? Marriage needs to be based on more than just infatuation or physical desire. What draws you to that person to make you want to spend your life with them.

4.) What are your thoughts about Spirituality/Religion?
This is one of the most important questions on the premarital counseling questionnaire. Your religion or spirituality is a major part of your life and if the two of you are not compatible in this area, it can create huge problems.

5.) What do you believe the role of the husband/wife should be?
It is crucial to the health of your marriage that you know ahead of time what is expected of each other. Your partner may have expectations of you that do or do not fit your ideas.

6.) What are your thoughts about your sexual life?
Sex is a big part of your married life and your sexual attitudes have a lot to do with your compatibility with each other. If your partner has different attitudes about sex than you do, it can cause problems in your marriage.

7.) What are your thoughts about Work/Money?
This is also a major issue in a marriage. You need to decide if you are both going to work or if just one will be the breadwinner as well as who is better at handling the money to pay the bills.

8.) What about Family/Children?
The question of having children and when to have them is a big part of your marriage. You need to know what each other feels about having children and how they fit into your plans. You need to know if they want to have children at all.

9.) How do you resolve arguments?
Arguments in a marriage do happen. How you resolve them is an issue you need to bring up, so you can have a healthy marriage. When couples respond to arguments with physical actions, it can have very severe results on your marriage.

10.) What are your ideas on politics?
This may not seem like a big issue, but it can be one of those things that leads to arguments if you do not agree on how to discuss it. Some people have very strong polical opinions, while others could care less.

Premarital Counseling questions and what to expect.

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