What Does A Wedding Photographer Do?

A wedding photographer is a crucial presence at any wedding reception. Many couples attempt to save money by asking a friend or a family member to take over the duty of photographing the event. Money may be saved, but only at the expense of quality photography. A friend who takes photos on his own camera in the midst of his own enjoyment of the party will not provide the sort of keepsake pictures that couples have come to associate with their weddings.

A professional photographer will already own an arsenal of top-grade equipment. This contributes toward creating the crisp, bright colors and precise detailing that should be present in wedding photos. Common digital cameras have subpar flash mechanisms and may cast either a yellow or pink sheen over the entire set of pictures, depending on which brands and models are used. High-quality cameras reproduce colors to more exacting levels. They do not create the dreaded red eye effect, which is especially unwelcome in pictures documenting such an important day.

Even a party guest with the best intentions will not be able to capture the essence of the special day in quite the way that a professional wedding photographer can. A photographer needs to have a good grasp of angles and lighting. He must also be able to keep track of the pictures he has already taken. Moments that appear different and special to the person behind the camera may appear identical to anyone who looks at the final photos. A professional is aware of this and will work hard to constantly capture different kinds of moments featuring different people.

A professional photographer will know not to partake too heavily of the festivities himself, lest the drinking and dancing affect his ability to do his job well. Many couples who have entrusted the task of taking pictures to friends have been sorely disappointed to find out that the pictures are all blurry, poorly lit and badly angled. Sometimes the appointed photographer will completely forget to take pictures after a certain point in the evening because he is too busy enjoying the party for himself.

A good compromise between professional and friendly photography would be to hire a professional photographer and to place disposable cameras on every table at the reception. This way, the couple will get the stylized, high-quality photography that they desire while also being able to enjoy the photos of small or funny moments taken by their friends after the ceremony. A couple who has just wed will not have time to speak with everyone at the reception. Allowing guests to take their own photos allows the couple to experience the things that they did not get to see on the day of the wedding.

Professional photography is expensive because the photographer will usually also be performing his own editing. Even if he works with a digital camera, he will still need to upload the pictures into a computer so he can soften harsh lighting and crop uneven edges. Amateurs are not qualified to perform the editing that brides desire in their individual photos. Professional makeup application and hairstyling are wasted if they are not shown off well in the pictures. No price is too great to pay for beautiful photos documenting the most important day of one’s life.

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