White Gold Engagement Rings Review

By Matt Henderson

There’s nothing greater in comparison with committing to invest the remainder in your life with your true love. Make certain the particular gemstone you select is as lovely as your marriage. There is nothing more wonderful than committing to spend the rest of your life with your soul mate. Make sure the engagement ring you select is as beautiful and brilliant as your relationship. In recent years, white gold engagement rings have become a popular selection for hopeful men and their brides-to-be; but with so many different cuts, styles and designs how do you find the ring that is just right? Follow these tips on what to look for in an engagement ring and you will be sure to find a ring both you and your fiancé will love.

What to Look for when Buying an Engagement Ring

Did you know that last year the average diamond engagement ring was .85 carats, and cost $5,847? However, there are many different factors beyond the size of the diamond that determine how much an engagement ring will cost. When shopping for white gold engagement rings be sure to consider these three diamond characteristics to make sure you are getting a good deal: cut, clarity, and color. Diamonds come in many different shapes and cuts, ranging from the traditional round shape to special cuts, such as the heart. The quality of the cut will determine how brilliant your diamond is. Clean, less-angled cuts allow light to pass more easily through the diamond and give the diamond a more dazzling shine. The clarity of a diamond also affects the price of a ring. A diamond’s clarity depends upon the number of blemishes on its surface. Clarity is measured on a scale with eleven different categories, ranging from Flawless (FL) to Included (I3). The color will also impact how much you spend on an engagement ring. While many couples opt for the traditional white diamond, diamonds also come in many other colors, including pink, yellow and blue.

Different Styles of Engagement Ring

Now that you what quality of diamond to look for it is time to choose a style. There are many different shapes of diamond and different varieties of ring settings. Some of the most common cuts include the round, princess, pear, square, oval, archer and trillion cuts. Last year, 43% of individuals who purchased engagement rings bought a round diamond, making it the most popular style, while the second most popular option was the princess cut. There are also many different types of settings for your diamond. Some individuals choose to add additional diamonds to the band, and select settings with smaller gems on either side of the main diamond.

Names you can Trust

There are several reputable brands on the market, which are known for selling some of the highest-quality white gold engagement rings. Zale’s Jewelers are one of the most well known names in the jewelry business and have over 50 years experience providing some of the best diamonds around. They also have the most extensive collection of affordable rings. For those individuals who are looking for a truly unique ring, Tiffany’s & Co. offers custom-designed, magnificent engagement rings, but at a little higher price. Other quality brands include James Allen, The Robins Brothers and Helzberg Diamonds.

Choosing an engagement ring is an important decision that will stay with you your entire life. When looking at white gold engagement rings be sure to shop around and do your research and you are destined to find the perfect piece of jewelry for you and your loved one.

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