Wholesale Engagement Rings

By Matt Henderson

Wholesale engagement rings are often the best choice for the groom who wishes to present the best possible gift to his bride on the day when the two of them get married. Buying wholesale means cheaper prices, as the expenses involved with the middleman are eliminated; the ring is bought directly from the crafter. They may be bought directly or on an auction; the best way to get them is online, and there are many important things to consider before making the final purchase.

Buying wholesale engagement rings can be a very risky business indeed. There are many companies that specialize in selling them, and not all of these are reputable. Often, their prices are cheap, comparatively speaking, because they buy in bulk; and if they operate online, they do not have to worry about utility bills or building costs. Some people try to sell poor- quality gems at unjustly high prices, or even sell fake ones. Something bad might happen– such as the gem falling out of its holder– and the buyer cannot get the company on the phone or on the web anymore. For this reason, only sellers whose items are certified by the Gemological Institute of America should be trusted. Also look for the particular ring you want to get, to see if they are being sold at similar prices; and check with the Better Business Bureau.

Start looking for the ring as long before the wedding as possible, so that factors like size may be properly taken care of. Examining a ring for quality is an important step in buying them. If, for instance, the ring is made of gold, then the quality should match the karat designation. Also, have the ring appraised by somebody other than the seller, to make sure that it is worth the price you paid for it. Many sellers will not adjust the ring for size until after the purchase has been finalized.

It is also important to be acquainted with the different settings before buying. These settings include: antique (a fancy- cut stone is set in the center); bezel (close to the level of the surface, within a collar); channel (with a small stone on either side. NOTE: This setting should never be used for fragile stones); solitaire (set in a way that reveals the gem’s full color and beauty, but at the cost of its protection); and two- tapered baguette (one central diamond with another on either side).

Here is a sampling of companies where wholesale engagement rings may be bought. Some of the most beautiful are available at Intercontinental Jewelers, which sells them at $3,000 or more off the retail price. A 14K white gold pave diamond engagement ring, for instance, costs only $1,995, compared to $6,650 retail. (The central diamonds are not included, though.) Diamond Wholesale Corporation also sells from vendors and cutters from everywhere; contact company for pricelist.

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