Why the Seychelles Makes the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

By Keith Howard

Luxury Seychelles holidays are often among the top choices when a couple comes to deciding where to take their honeymoon. It is no surprise therefore that the China International Friendship and Culture Festival organisation is choosing to send fifty couples from China to the beautiful island to get married this July. It was at the seven-star Panju Hotel in Beijing last week that this Sino Seychelles culture week was announced.

This is great news for the Seychelles as it will boost tourism and promote the island as the ideal wedding and honeymoon destination for Chinese couples. The TV coverage that will accompany the weeklong event should ensure that the Seychelles becomes one of the top destinations of choice in the East.

The Seychelles has long been popular with couples in the West and many of the fabulous hotels and resorts here offer superb wedding packages which include the ceremony as well as a stay in the honeymoon suite for the couple. The beautiful surroundings make it the ideal location. Fabulous weather and tropical beaches mean that any bride and groom will enjoy rest and relaxation, along with some pampering for the best time in their lives.

The close ties among the Seychelles and China were highlighted during the press conference with Alain St. Ange, the Tourism Minister for the Seychelles drawing attention to the fact that there is already a sizeable population of Chinese residents in the Seychelles. He pointed out the fact that Chinese culture actually plays a major role in certain traditions and cultures in the Seychelles. So it looks as though this culture week will be a huge success.

Every year many tourists descend on the magnificent Seychelles for a holiday to remember. Whether it is for their wedding, honeymoon or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Seychelles has plenty to offer. Luxury Seychelles holidays are extremely popular because there is just so much to see and do there.

For those who like to get in touch with nature, they will not be disappointed in the Seychelles. The island has four national parks where nature lovers can see a huge range of tropical wildlife and flora and fauna that they will not see elsewhere. There are a host of different species of fish to see as well as beautiful coral.

The waters in the Seychelles are crystal clear and coupled with sparkling white sands, it really is the stuff dreams are made of. You really couldn’t ask for a more apt honeymoon destination than the fabulous Seychelles. Beautiful food and welcoming locals really will ensure that your honeymoon or holiday in the Seychelles is everything you hoped it would be and more.

If you are in the process of deciding where to take your holiday this year or if you are planning your wedding then you really should consider luxury Seychelles holidays as you will never forget this once in a lifetime experience.

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