Will He Ever Propose? Tell-Tale Signs That Show He Is Ready

The decision to get married is something that poses a lot of challenges to us. It is not that we find any difficulty with the subject. Rather, the problem has to do with our boyfriends, who often seem to get stuck at the dating level. Many men find it very difficult to finally ask for the hands of their girlfriends in marriage. This is something that drives many of us to the brink of disaster as we become very frustrated.

However, you should not allow yourself to go through such a painful experience. Although your boyfriend may not talk about commitment, there are telltale signs that will help you to know when he is really serious. Here are some of the things that will help you to determine whether will he ever propose and want to settle down with you.

Discussing the future

When your boyfriend is ready to commit, he will discuss his future plans with you. This in itself is a show of trust, but there is more.

Notice how he talks about that future. You may realize that he describes his plans in plural terms, using such words as ‘we’ and ‘us’. This means that he is already considering you as someone with whom he expects to share that future.

You should therefore pay closer attention when you discuss issues so that you do not miss such subtle signals. This will help you to determine his stance as far as your dating is concerned.

Check how he makes his expenditure

Generally, a man who is ready for marriage will be quite careful with his money. A man will by nature take measures to ensure that he looks after his family well; hence when he makes some important investments, he is essentially getting ready for this responsibility. It is even more telling when he talks with you about such plans as buying a home, as this is a clear indication that he trusts you and respects your opinion.

Introducing you to his family

Introducing a friend to his family is an important step that a man will not take lightly. If you notice that he begins to allow you to get acquainted with his family members, this shows that he is confident about you and is ready to commit. This is his way of trying to make his family accept you, which is something that the men appreciate.

It is even more significant if he lets you take part in some of his family events. You will have made a very major step if you win the approval of these important people in his life.

You can rest assured wondering will he ever propose it is a matter of time. With the help of these signs, there is no doubt your boyfriend is getting ready for marriage even before he goes on his knees to propose.

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