Latest Bridal Jewellery Trend 2015 for Girls

Latest Pakistani Bridal Jewellery Trend 2014 for Girls

When it comes to Bridal Jewellery trend 2014, you’ll see many variations to the basic and traditional styles. Like other fashion changes, Bridal Jewellery style also changes a lot. These are heavier than normal or casual jewellery because they have to make bride appear more royal and gorgeous. These are used to make bride more attractive and center of attention. Some like heavier designs and others go for lighter.

Gems and Stones

Pakistani Bridal Jewellery Gems Stone

A common thing is jewellery trend 2014 is gems and stones. There are precious gems installed in various colors. These can be diamond, topaz, sapphire, jade, ruby or any stone of your choice. Some also have artificial stones that look equally beautiful. These are set in different styles in necklace, ear rings, bracelets, finger rings and bangles to make them more attractive. The colors usually match the outfit but it can be any contrasting color as well.
Some designs have a large colored gem in the mid and several smaller white stones all around. Its different and stylish.

Compact Necklace

Pakistani Bridal Jewellery Necklace

The new style in necklace is compact and it’s more like a band covering the neck area. These are not so long in length but stay over the neck several inches above the neckline. Some have broader band and cover the neck area like a collar just below the cheeks. It’s heavier and stylish. It almost covers entire naked area of the neck from the neckline to the face. Its not only traditional but stylish and rich. Brides having long neck will surely love it because it gives their outfit an added beauty.


Pakistani Bridal Jewelry

Gold is the ultimate choice in Bridal Jewellery in Pakistan. But now a day’s trends are changing because brides are looking for more variety. Another factor can be high price of gold that everyone can’t afford for such heavy weight jewellery. Pakistani Bridal Jewellery designs are mostly made with gold and silver. This is the most loved precious metal for a girl. Grandmothers and moms keep gold jewellery saved for decades for their daughter and they take it as a symbol of their mother’s love.

The entire jewellery set is made with the same material and same design usually. Ear rings, necklace, bangles and finger rings are of the same style. But it’s not necessary having everything uniform. It can have some harmony but variety is the key. Most brides have necklace and ear rings of the same style. Rest of the pieces can differ but they are totally formal.

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