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10 Wonderful makeup tips for hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are pretty unique in the world of eye colors. Firstly, they are not just one single color, they are actually a combination of different tones and, secondly, hazel eyes can change color too. So, if you are lucky enough to have amazing hazel eyes, make the most of your very special eye color with these ten makeup tips for hazel eyes:

1. Eyeshadow for hazel eyes

With hazel eyes, you have many variations of colors of eyeshadow to choose from. In fact, the only colors that sometimes don’t work with hazel eyes are the blue-grey ones, but try and test, it might also suit you well. You can choose colors to go with your mood; for subtle and effortless look, try a natural skin tone color or make your hazel eyes pop with vibrant purples or shimmery golds.

2. Experiment with eyeliner

Many girls stick to the safer option of black, but with hazel eyes, you can afford to experiment more. Colored eyeliner can actually make your eyes appear to be a different tone, so a deep purple will make your eyes look more blue, and you can use a taupe, gold, green or brown to bring out the green in your eyes.

3. Complement your eye color with your choice of lip tone

You never want your lips to take centre stage, when you have gorgeous hazel eyes, so let your lip color complement them, not overpower them. A copper or shimmery gold will help to highlight the brown in your eyes or, if you are wearing a purple eyeshadow, try mauve, coral, red, pink or berry colors on your lips.

4. Use gold to accentuate your hazel eyes

One of the popular and well known makeup tips for hazel eyes is – try and play with golden eyeshadow colors. If you have green or gold flecks in your eyes, then a touch of gold shimmer in your eyeshadow will highlight the flecks beautifully.

5. Caramel colors bring out the green tone in your hazel eyes

Makeup tips for hazel eyes are focused on emphasizing your beautiful eye color, so, if you want to bring out the green in your hazel eyes, then try mixing and blending beige and caramel eyeshadows together, or use these colors as your eyeliner. The mix of beige and caramel works beautifully with hazel eyes and it really highlights the green tint of your gorgeous hazel eyes.

6. Try lavender eyeshadow tones to bring out the green color in your eyes

Another makeup tip for hazel eyes is – try lavender or plum tones of eyeshadow. When you’re getting ready for a night on the town, then bring some drama to your eyes with plum or lavender colors. These tones look great, when you’re dressed to kill, and they will bring out the green in your wonderful hazel eyes beautifully too.

7. Don’t forget your lashes

With your gorgeous hazel eyes, black is not the only color option for your eyelashes. Curl your lashes first with an eyelash curler and then, apply some dark brown or purple mascara to bring attention to your eyes and bring out their beautiful color.

8. Use a bronzer

Makeup tips for hazel eyes can’t be complete without mentioning our old, good makeup friend – bronzer. Bronzed skin compliments hazel eyes perfectly, so, if you weren’t born with a natural bronze complexion or you hide from the sun because you are afraid of premature aging, then sweep a bronzer across your forehead, cheekbones and nose to accentuate the color of your hazel eyes and add some warmth to your face. Be light handed with your bronzer, chose the color that is only a couple of shades darker than your skin tone and remember to blend, blend, blend…

9. Shades of brown

Hazel eyes can look different from day to day, so if you are having a brown eyes day, swap your eye makeup colors to match. When your eyes have more of a brown hue, than a green, you can use any shade of brown, from the lightest to the darkest, to dramatically draw attention to your eyes.

10. Avoid too much blue

One makeup tip for hazel eyes that everyone agrees on is that, if you have hazel eyes, avoid using too much of blue eyeshadow. Some blues can look good though, but, especially, if your eyes are more brown, than they are green, then too many blues will clash with your eye color.

Do you have some other makeup tips for hazel eyes in mind? Feel free to share your favorite makeup tips and tricks in the comment section below.

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