Black and White Nail Art For Short Nails

Nails are the valuable asset of your hand that makes your hands look complete and more beautiful. Women always take good care of their nails and try different nail art for short nails. Nail art for short nails are very popular among teen and spend a fortune to make it right.

Polka Dots Nail Art

Polka dots look very elegant and chic trendy Black and White grouping. Making this look is very meek and tranquil. Just paint your nails black or white and put dots by a tooth pick or dotting tool in alternative colors, whit color will do the job and seal your design with a top coat.

Stripes Nail Art

Black and White Nail Art Stripes look very attractive. You can put stripes in upright, oblique or flat position. Paint your base in white or black and by exactness brush or stripper brush, pull lines in either place you like. Make sure to retain your hand stable to get straight lines.

Zebra Print Nail Art:

Zebra print looks very attractive in this color as it is in its usual form. To get this right, tint your nails in white and enhance fork like irregular stripes. Paint them first left than right and so on. You can stamp this form too. This nail art for short nails in black and white strips look actually stylish.

elegant zebra print nail art with glitters

natural zebra print nails design black and white

French Nail Art:

Nearly every design appears very beautiful in black and white mixture. You can enhance white flowers over black or vice versa. You can also try to paint butter flies also. Make sure that you first pragmatic my base coat and then cleaned some white color initial from tips to just above cuticles.


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