Let’s Create Sultry Smoky Eyes

They say there is nothing sexier than a pair of sultry smoky eyes, smoky eyes done correctly that they can cause a man to stop dead in his tracks. But – do you know how to create such a perfect set of smoky eyes? What you need to get started:

Now the idea is to be ableto have smoky eyes, yet not look so much like you forgot to take your eye makeup off last night. Even though, that has been known as a turn on for a quite lot of men, makes them wonder what you been up to.

To start creating the Look you must have a base for it. This helps to keep the color in one place. Smooth on a eyeshadow primer, some say foundation is good to use as long as its color doesn’t take away from what you are trying to achieve. Now pat on loose powder setting the base. The real secret to the smoky look is in the color eyeshadow you use.

Tips: If your eyes are blue and you’re blond, then go for greens instead, the darker the better. If your eyes are green then go for blues, the darkest shades of blues you like. If your eyes are brown then you’re just plain lucky with your choices of colors. Brown eyed ladies can try any colors you like. Now purple eyeshadow is a color that everyone can try. Just try it in Plum, Berry and others like those.

Rim your eyes with a black or grey pencil drawing a line along both upper and lower lash line. Starting from inner corner of your eyes going outward starting a fine line going into a heavier line as you draw outwards the outer corner. If black or grey seems too harsh for your the Look you’re going for, then try either dark brown, plum or taupe instead.

Apply a medium – grey eyeshadow all over your lids, stopping at the crease. Apply your dark eyeshadow into the crease, then take a angled brush and apply the dark eyeshadow onto the eyeliner and then smudge it well with a cotton swab keeping as much of the color at the outer corner of your eyes. The angled brush is great for getting eyeshadow up under your lashes on the bottom which in turn helps keep your eyeliner in place.

Its the smudging that got to be done carefully. The idea is to blend the eyeshadow and eyeliner together. If you wanted a more “feline” aka cat eyes then using a liquid eyeliner would be best.

Helping to contrast the darkness of your eyeshadow, sweep a pearlized ivory eye shadow over your brow bones for a wide-eyed look. By applying a little at a time, you are building up the effort gradually till you like what you see.

Finishing off the look with one coat of black mascara, one coat of Magic Lash if you want super long eyelashes to go along with this Look, then one more coat of black mascara.

Dark colors trend to make small eyes look even smaller, you can open them up by lining the rims from the inner to the center with a light-colored pencil, rather than dark pencil, pat on pale eyeshadow on the center of each lid. That should cause the small eyes to seem bigger.

For the rest of this ideal Look. Finish off by using a tawny blusher or a bronzing powder. Its natural color won’t complete with the rest of your makeup. Sweep it over your cheekbone, blending away to the edges into your hairline.

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