How to Buy a Lipstick

How to buy the lipstick of your dreams

Lipstick is quite possibly the essential ingredient for making up a face. Whether you go with a dramatic, sexy bold color, or something a little more conservative and muted, nothing lights a face quite like lipstick. Follow the below steps for selecting and purchasing the best kind for you.


Lipstick tips

  1. Head out to a department store’s cosmetics section, or a store devoted entirely to cosmetics like MAC or Sephora. Ask a cosmetics salesperson for assistance in selecting the right lipstick for you (if you need help). If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, bring a friend or family member along for honest advice about which lipsticks look good on you.
  2. Come up with an idea of what kind of colors you’d like to consider. Always choose colors that compliment the shade of your lips and your skin. Women with dark skin should consider deep red and plum colors, while olive skin looks best with reddish browns and light browns. Light and fair-skinned women will want to consider beiges with orange or pink undertones. Keep in mind that darker lipsticks work better at night, while lighter lipsticks do best in the day. Any lipstick you consider that has a high gloss is more suitable for night as well.
  3. Pat your lips clean with a towelette or damp cloth, then dry them with a tissue. Test the lipsticks you like on your lips. Always seek out natural light for viewing how the lipstick appears on your lips, for natural light will allow you to see how the color works with your complexion.
  4. Do know that if you can’t find a color that works well, you can try mixing colors. All you have to do is experiment by blending different colors on your lips till you create a shade that fits you!
  5. If you are looking for lipstick to purchase at a drugstore, you’re obviously not going to be able to try it on first. Take the lipstick you’re interested in and bring it in to natural light-hold it up to your face and examine in a mirror how the color compliments your skin color.

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