Jake And The Giants

Jake And The Giants

Jake And The Giants

Jake and the giants is the best animated movie 2015 .  Jake and the Giants is a story about twelve year old boy Jake and his twin sister Joanie When Jake sees his parents kidnapped by Giants he leaves at once to rescue them.it is very fun, action pack and adventures and  surely the ratings will be huge when this movie comes out in “December 2015″

Boat Angel is offering the film on a royalty free basis. In an unusual move which will allow worldwide distributors to use the film for a longer period of time,He said “We know our model is unique but we are also aware of the translation dubbing cost many of the distributors will have to bear We are able to offer the film royalty free,” because we own the script, songs, characters and we are hoping that the international distributor, knowing they do not have to pay a theatrical royalty, will keep it in the theaters for a longer time.  Our primary concern is that our message is available to a large, worldwide audience and we believe that by taking the profit motive out of the production we can best serve those who will be impacted by the film.”

 Trailer :

Jake and the Giants was voiced by famous Hollywood voice actors. Debi Derryberry, who contributed the title voice to Whispers, An Elephant Tale.Most of the original music in Jake and the Giants is written and performed by famous members of Northern Light Orchestra. Several of the title tracks feature vocals by Mark Slaughter, a well known rock singer  The songs in Jake and the giants are really full of fun and specially the song Run Run Run sung by Mark Slaughter, has the unique quality of being able to grip you to your seat .

Jake and the Giants is a film that will impact young lives in a best  way. we believe the film will have a larger platform and be seen by more people thereby generating a large box office take.When you watch this film you are agree that the movie is full of entertainment and never forgettable. Kids are going to love lug headed giants ,  scary flying monkeys,and Whitelee, and good nature Albatross.

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