How to find Mr. Right and Keep Him

Ladies, are you having a hard time finding the right guy and keeping them? There, are several things that should be done if you believe that you have found Mr. Right. First, remember that a relation is just that a relationship between two people, there has to be give and take, not just take, take, take. If you want him to go to your girlfriends party with you, you might want to consider watching the game with him. This may sound like the same old advice, but it really does mean a lot.

Second, don’t make him feel like his is interfering in your life, believe it or not sometimes men feel like they are getting in the way. If you complain every time he does something like leave the toilet seat up, he is going to start feeling like he is getting in the way. This can lead to a very discontented man.

Third, don’t make him feel as though he has to accompany you everywhere. It is okay to go shopping alone. I promise he will not run away if you leave him home alone. Most men will really appreciate being given an option to go with you or stay home and really mean it as an option. Many women will give the option to a boyfriend and then get angry when they say they would rather stay home. This sends mixed messages and can frustrate a man.

Fourth, make him feel needed. Clingy is not being needed, crying to him about your job is not being needed, asking him to dinner because you just want to be with him is being needed. He’ll realize that you are not just sitting around waiting for him to call, but that you really want to spend time with him, not his wallet, not his shoulder to cry on, but that you really need to spend time with him. Also realize that he needs to spend time with his friends. He is not abandoning you he just needs time with his buddies.

Remember don’t treat your Mr. Right as a handyman, a crying shoulder, or a piece of property. You are two separate people and you need to treat your man as though he is an intelligent, caring man. He is not out to abandon you on the first night you leave him alone. If he realizes that you are that woman who can give him space and still be confident about your relationship you stand a better chance of keeping him then if you smother him which can chase him away.

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