Signs That Your Husband Does Not Love You

One of the areas where women are well gifted at is intuition. This can greatly help you to determine what your husband is going through even before he tells you anything. You will be able to detect when things are not going on well although you may not know exactly what the problem is. For example, you may realize that he does not love you as he used to although you may not know the reasons behind his waning affection.

Intuition is a good first step in bringing to your attention that something is amiss. However, you should also be aware of important signs that will leave you in no doubt that your husband does not love you any more. Here are the signs you should watch out for.

When he rarely tells you he loves you

Most likely, at the beginning of your marriage, and even before you got married, your husband used to tell you quite often how much he loved you. With time, he may have started saying it less and less. Perhaps it has reached a stage when he hardly even speaks about his love for you.

Are you the one who always seems to declare your love before he responds that he also loves you? This may be a sign of his waning love. At least this will show you that he is slowly drifting away from you.

When you spend less time together

One of the ways through which you can gauge your husband’s feelings towards you is how frequently he wants to be with you, and for how long. If you realize that you have to compete for his attention with such things as the television or newspaper, this is a clear sign that he is losing interest in you.

Therefore, if you want to know whether your husband does not love you any more, you should determine the efforts he puts in keeping you company.

You should also determine how frequently, or rarely, you spend intimate time together with your husband. Does he seem to lack interest in making love with you? Watch out. This may show that he is falling out of love. The lack of physical intimacy will be a reflection of his emotional distance.

If your husband is less interested in you physically, you should not just put it down to exhaustion after work. Most likely, your husband does not love you as before. This is therefore something that you should not take for granted.

Once you can read the signs that your husband does not love you, you should start taking steps to correct the problem. You should not give up even when he is already talking about separation and divorce.

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