Best Way To Meet Men – Play On Their Turf To Succeed


Are you failing in dating because you don’t know how to meet nice men? Are you thinking that all the good guys are taken so what is the point in trying to hook up with a guy?

Have you looked for answers but just come up with more questions? Well, not to worry, because today you are going to hear the right answer to the best way to meet men. Now before I reveal the answer to your dilemma, I must ask you a question. How important is it for you to not only meet guys, but ultimately find that special relationship?

I want to ask you to take a moment and seriously think about how motivated you really are to date guys and find Mr. Right. Because, the best ways to meet men does not mean it is easy. What do they say, no pain, no gain? To meet enough men to find the one you will have to move outside of your comfort zone.

You will need to have tunnel vision and laser focus to succeed in this endeavor. You can meet males everywhere you go, but that is just part of the equation. You also need to go where the guys go. The first step to change your situation is to get excited and motivated about designing your new life. Get a makeover.

Get a new hair style and buy a couple of outfits that you feel great in. Doing the things that will help you change your appearance and attitude is a positive step in the right direction. The second step is to make a list of all the places men tend to go, and you will want to show up at those places.

Find the ‘how to classes’ in your area. A how to invest in real estate class is a great place to start when you look at the percentage of male versus female students in attendance. Register for the class and don’t forget to initiate a conversation with some of the students.

Ask a couple of these gentlemen about their investing experience and what advice they could offer to you. It will take effort and creativity on your part to get out there for the sole purpose to engage with men. If this sounds too assertive or like you would be trying to hard than what is your answer for how to meet single men?

And as Dr. Phil says, “How’s it working for you?”

The women who are successful in finding a fulfilling relationship after divorce get themselves into a target rich environment. When translated into dating language these gals make sure they deliberately materialize where the guys will be found.

So as you can see there is only one answer to what is the best way to meet men? It is really quite simple, just frequent the places they hangout, and you win. Yes, you will need to put the energy into engaging with them but from that point forward it is an easy ride.


Just let him chase you until you decide to let him catch you and live happily ever after.

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