Where to Donate Furniture – Solving the Puzzle

Once you’ve made up your mind to donate your furniture, it is important to find the most suitable charity to give away your items. While deciding where to donate furniture, some of the factors you need to consider would be the reputation of the charity, their ratings, how long they have been serving the public, their goals and how they have contributed to the society. You could refer to some of the following categories to make a decision.

Here are a few ideas that help you solve the ‘where to donate furniturepuzzle.

Charities for war veterans

Army men make a lot of sacrifices to ensure there is peace and security in their homeland. Donating to war veterans will give you a sense of pride that you’re adding value to an ex-military man’s life when he retires from service. You can easily find philanthropic organizations that support war veterans and their families.

Women’s shelter homes

There are many organizations that work towards promoting the betterment of victims of domestic abuse. As well as providing women and their children sufficient food, shelter and basic necessities, women’s shelter homes are on the lookout for furniture donations. Browse the web to see the closest women’s shelter home, where you could give not just your furniture, but also other household items.

Homeless shelters

There are numerous families and homeless youth around the world that find it difficult to make ends meet. Shelter homes take care of these underprivileged people by providing them with food, water, medication and shelter. To improve the quality of their lives, you can donate old beds, sofas, chairs or any piece of furniture.

Medical charities

There are many reliable organizations that support people suffering from cancer, lupus, Alzheimer’s and other serious illnesses. While the main goal of these charities is to collect enough money for the treatment of the ailing, any small donation in the form of furniture and household items, for instance, can be of great help. You can easily find reputable organizations if you check with your local agency or if your browse the web. Most charities provide a prompt and hassle-free pick-up service for your peace of mind.

Local thrift stores

There are many local thrift stores that raise funds by selling second-hand items to the general public. The proceeds of the sale are used to cater to the needs of the impoverished. However, you need to do proper research before donating to a thrift store, as there are many stores which make profit out of these auctions and sales, and not use them for charity purposes.

Charities supporting the unemployed

While zeroing in on different types of charities, you will come across many that support the unemployed. They accept furniture and other items, which will be sold to raise funds for providing proper training and helping these people find suitable jobs.

No matter what charitable organizations you’re donating to, you should keep in mind that your items are going to be used by the underprivileged, so give away only those items which can be used again.

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