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Adipocytes (or fat cells) are special cells in the body that are mostly filled up with triacylglycerol in the form of oil droplets. Adipocytes fill the adypocyte tissue (or fat tissue) which is present in number of places in the body. I am going to mention only two of them – the cavity of the abdomen and under the skin. The fat cells are our body temperature regulator and our energy storage room. In other words, they are the result of millions years of evolution and help us to keep warm and feel satiety.
Cellulite on Woman Leg

Long – long time ago, when we were living in caves and we did not know if the food was going “to be delivered by lunch time” (or at all), our bodies synthesized fat as an insurance policy. In case of no food, we were able to draw from this energy reserve and survive. Also, fat deposits under the skin kept the heat within our body as they still do it today.

Fat is accumulated in the adipocytes by means of a) synthesis and b) storage.
However, too much fat makes our skin appear dimpled and lumpy and give it the “orange peel” look.

There are number of factors that can contribute to the increase synthesis and storage of fat. These can be poor nutrition, lack of exercise, low fluid intake, unbalanced hormonal activity etc. Equally, cellulite can be fought by improving your diet regime; regular exercise and increase water uptake … even surgery, although I am not a big fan of the last one.

The purpose of the present text is to unveil the secrets hidden in the ingredients list of the anti–cellulite cosmetic products. Thus, hopefully, you will be able to select a more effective product that is actually going to improve the way that your skin looks before going to the beach.

Most anti – cellulite products out there contain caffeine.
First of all, be aware that caffeine as anti – cellulite remedy does not work from inside. Please note, that drinking five (or more) cups of coffee per day will not help you get rid of the cellulite. Caffeine works when applied topically onto the skin.

Alone caffeine has slight burning effect and increases the blood flow (or fluid transfer) which helps to eliminate the decomposed fat from the fat cells.

Wait a minute? Did I say “decomposed”?Yes, indeed. Firstly, the fat in the adipocytes needs to be decomposed through a process called lipolysis (please, do not mistake it with “liposuction”). Only then it will be able to leave the adipose cell. It turns out that our cosmetic product label has to include at least one other ingredient that is able to a) either decrease the synthesis of the oil droplets in the fat cells or b) increase their lipolysis (or destruction).

Although caffeine certainly helps to eliminate the fat from the fat cells, it does not do it alone. The decomposition of lipids is stimulated by its synergetic action with other chemicals of the same family (commonly called xanthines) that helps to limit the lipogenesis, impact the lipolysis and increase the fat elimination.

So, read the label of your anti–cellulite cream or gel carefully. Look in the list of ingredients for other actives coming from green tea (also containing number of xanthines), yerba mate (a type of tea plant), coriander (coriandrum sativum) extract, or sweet orange (citrus aurantium dulcis) extract. The synergetic action of all of these (or a group of these) natural ingredients actually burn the fat in the adipose cells AND helps to eliminate it.

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