how to plan ahead to ensure your day is picture perfect

You were certain you planned for everything — from the flowers on the tables, to the songs the band would play — and everything in between. 

But experts say if you haven’t planned ahead for your bridal beauty and grooming routines you could end up with some wedding-day blues.

Beautiful Bridal Skin

Perhaps nothing is more beautiful than the natural glow of happiness that becomes every bride. But to help that glow along, experts at Bridal Guide magazine say schedule a series of monthly facials beginning as early as six months before your wedding. To help ensure your skin looks picture perfect on your wedding day they advise your last facial to be no later than two weeks before the big day.

And while a professional facial is a fabulous way to pamper yourself, Seccuro suggests brides to do their homework before choosing a facialist.

“There is a misnomer that says if your face looks red and your skin looks bad when you finish a facial it means it worked — but that’s not true,” says Seccuro.

To be sure your skin will look better — and not worse — Seccuro advises making your appointment in person and look at those leaving the salon.

“If their skin isn’t glowing and they don’t look great — look elsewhere for your facial,” she says.

A bride who aims to create a perfect image of your wedding day. This is the time when every bride wants to look her best. Pamper the skin of the bride is a way to try to improve on them. But there’s more. Below is a pre-beauty tips wedding that will help attract brides to be expected in most of the time. Get a manicure to make nails impressive in their wedding day. Bright colors are a good choice to match your white wedding dress in Brooklyn. You can also French manicure that will give a classic look. Your choice of nail polish, but it should also branch. However, avoiding the choice, as the bright red nail polish. Some pedicure. Slingbacks are often preferred by brides and closed shoes. So, the pedicure is a must. Another advantage is that it is a relaxing treatment for the bride. Visit a dermatologist. Pamper your skin is vital if we want to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. This means that pretty in the march down the aisle. Set an appointment with a dermatologist is a great idea, especially brides with skin problems. After a facial image in the plan should be as good. Brides can tan a facial steam bath, promotion, while a calming effect because versions of the bride of tension. Consider again the face. Most of Brooklyn Bridal Gowns and delay the shoulders of the bride. Thanks to some salons offer skin care, improved so treatments for these areas. Its services include cleansing, toning and exfoliation. While most spa products and services can be used in classrooms, others may be acquired facial and spa in the stores of a home is possible.
Bridal Skin Care 

Glowing brides are not born that way. Skin care for bride and bridal party is an important part of the pre-wedding process. If you want to know how to make your skin glowing for wedding day joy, there are some universal tips everyone can use.

Be Gentle

Treat your skin with the gentleness it deserves. Wedding skincare isn’t about beating your skin into shape, it’s about being kind to your skin. Wash with a non-abrasive cleanser and make sure to moisturize after washing.

Watch out for the Elements

The sun can do a lot of damage to your skin. Make sure your lotion or moisturizer as well as the makeup you use on your face has a sunscreen in it. Skin care for wedding beauty will be a lot easier without having to fight against sun damage in addition to whatever else you are trying to correct by the wedding day.

Wear Gloves

When you are gardening, or doing dishes, or anything else where you might do damage to your hands or nails, wear a pair of gloves. Gardening gloves for gardening, and rubber gloves for doing dishes or other wet jobs. This will help your nails stay strong and your skin stay smooth up to your wedding day. And when it comes to your wedding day itself, a pair of bridal gloves could be the perfect addition to your outfit

Exfoliate For Bright Bride

Brighten your skin tone with a weekly exfoliation. Regular use of an exfoliator will help to rid your face of dull skin cells and reveal the fresh skin cells underneath. First wash your face with your usual cleanser, then use the exfoliator of your choice. For an added bonus, use a facial mask designed for your skin type after exfoliation for great results. Facial scrubs, facial brushes and wash cloths are all examples of facial exfoliators.

Skincare Treatments

It can be overwhelming trying to choose special skin treatments, given the array of products available. Here is a simplified skin treatment guide for the bride to be:

Oily/Acne prone skin: Serums and gel treatments are best since they are typically oil free and are applied under moisturizers and makeup.

Dry skin: Milky cleansers and heavy moisturizers work best to cure parched skin.

Aging skin: Skin firming treatments can be done at home or at a spa to lift and firm your flabby facial skin.

Dull skin-tone: A skin energizing treatment revs up the sloughing of dulling dead skin cells from your face. Regular exfoliation treatments will help with this issue as well.

Sensitive skin: Gentle skincare lines with natural ingredients will work best for this skin type. Avoid any added dyes or perfumes when looking for a skincare line for sensitive skin.

No matter what your skin issue, rest assured there is a treatment available for you. Ask your esthetician or dermatologist for additional recommendations for your skin concerns.

Daily Skin Care

Brides will need a series of skincare treatments to get their skin in tip top shape for their weddings, but additionally, they need a good daily skincare regimen. A daily skincare regimen should consist of three things:

1. Cleanse

2. Moisturize

3. Protect

Add exfoliation and treatments into your weekly skincare regimen. Find a great facial cleanser for your skin type and wash with warm water. Cleanse once in the morning and once at night to remove dirt, oil and makeup. Moisturizing your skin is essential for any skin type. Facial moisturizers benefit the skin by adding and locking in much needed moisture. Then, protect your skin by using the appropriate sunscreen. Sunscreen will help to protect you from harmful and dangerous UV rays. To simplify this step, use a day moisturizer that has SPF in it. By adhering to a daily skincare regimen, you will help your skin stay at it’s optimal level of health and you will extend the benefits of your weekly or monthly facial treatments

DIY Home Facials

For the DIY bride to be, the budget conscious bride or anyone that wants that spa feeling at home, try a home facial. Done once a month, an at-home facial can make a remarkable difference in your complexion.

Step 1: Cleanse your face and neck, rinse with warm water. Repeat.

Step 2: Massage your face and neck for thirty seconds with a facial scrub. Rinse with warm water.

Step 3: To open your pores use a bowl of hot water to steam your face for a minute or two.

Step 4: Brush a face mask all over your face. Choose a face mask based on your particular skin needs. The mask should stay on for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5: Rinse the face mask off with cool water to tighten your pores.

Step 6: Tone your skin with a hydrating or clarifying toner, depending on your skin type.

Step 7: Massage your moisturizer into your skin. Massaging the skin with your moisturizer will encourage new cell growth and proper circulation.

Step 8: If you are doing your at-home facial during the day and plan on being outside, apply an SPF of at least 15 to your skin to protect it.

Step 9: Enjoy your fresh face!

Banish Bacne

Wedding dresses often show off a brides back and shoulders. Keep those areas free of acne and bumps with three simple steps.

* Switch out your typical body wash for an anti-bacterial one to keep acne stimulating bacteria away.
* Use a body brush or long handled loofah brush to exfoliate your backside.
* For problematic skin, use a clarifying mask on your back once a week to remove any lingering impurities in the skin.

Getting a beautiful back is as simple as one, two, and three!

Pucker Up to a Smooth Smile

Pucker up to your sweetie with smooth lips. You can relieve yourself of dry chapped lips by following these tips:

* Exfoliate your lips by using an old soft bristled tooth-brush or by using your wash cloth in the shower. Rub gently for 30 seconds to de-flake your pout.
* Apply Vaseline or a heavy lip balm every night to moisturize dry, cracked lips.
* Avoid long-wearing lipsticks and lip glosses because they tend to be more drying than anything else.
* Switch to a tinted lip balm for color and moisture.

Know Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type will help you choose skincare products suited for your individual needs. The most common skin types fall into these categories:

1. Oily: Your skin looks shiny by the lunch time, has mild to moderate breakouts and makeup seems to slide right off your face.

2. Combination: Your skin can be oily in the t-zone, by might also be dry everywhere else. This skin type has sporadic breakouts, usually triggered by stress or hormones.

3. Normal : Normal skin types will usually feel have a fresh and clean feeling to their skin throughout the day. Breakouts are very minimal and are usually caused by hormones.

4. Dry: This skin type suffers flakiness and tightness. Premature aging is often seen with this skin type. Dry skin types hardly ever suffer any breakouts.

5. Sensitive: Sensitive skin types usually have redness or broken capillaries. It can also be itchy and sting with the use of certain products.

Using products based on your skin type will maximize the beneficial effects of these products.

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