When Your Marriage Hits the Skids

No one wants take into consideration the end, particularly if the fire is still burning for one or both partners. When everything appears to be working well, there is no need to think about ending the marriage. When change comes, you feel helpless. This is specifically true when your spouse ... Read More

Saving Your Marriage – A Worthy Undertaken

It's everyday knowledge that divorce is very much on the rise. People have blamed this on many different causes. Have you ever wondered at the fact that these statistics are developed from the experiences of others? It doesn't mean that's what would happen to yours. You can make certain your ... Read More

How To Survive An Affair In A Marriage

In counseling with married couples, they could sometimes assume that the counselor doesn't fully understand the issues they are encountering. One question I usually ask folks who think their marriage problems are simply so serious is this: Are you the one couple passing through this or the only ones who ... Read More