How To Save My Marriage – Counselor

Most folks would normally resort to question asking when they find themselves in situations they don't understand. Their purpose the question asking is of course to see if they can get an answer that would assist them in addressing the issue facing them. Marriage matters also operate in this same ... Read More

Coping With Infidelity – Trying Therapy

When we hear folks taking their marriage vows, there's usually a part where they promise to be faithful. You won't see a case where one vows to be unfaithful. After the vows have been said, lot's of marriages find themselves in this situation. When this happens, a level of confusion ... Read More

Recovering From Infidelity Totally

All marriages encounter difficulties periodically. There are of course different challenges that could come. There are marriages that take care of their problems and others that can't handle them. That some go through and others fail does not mean that the ones who scale through have less severe problems nor ... Read More